ZAP : zap time ad for digital TV

ZAP takes the best of old and new media, combining mass broadcasting of traditional TV with elaborated digital technologies.
It provides the best cost-benefit offering among current ad media with an impression directly leading to reach (ad being watched).
  • Coverage
    ZAP Ad covers 7.25 mn cable and satellite STBs (set-top-boxes) nationwide
  • High reach and attention rate
    Repeated and compulsory exposure generate average reach rate of above 70-80%. A single impression creates average exposure of 4.7 seconds.
  • Targeting
    ZAP Ad provides sophisticated targeting by channel/time/pay TV operators.
  • Campaign Report
    Analyze ad execution history and provide up-to-the-minute daily statistics through dedicated webpages for ad agencies.
  • Competitive pricing
    Based on guaranteed CPM pricing, ZAP Ad provides competitive pricing to premium digital ad inventory and still-cut TV ads.